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Lamar Odom joins Baskonia

Former NBA player Lamar Odom has joined Spanish basketball club Baskonia. The former NBA star has agreed to a short term contract. According to Bleacher Report the club said that, the ex Los Angeles Lakers forward has a 2 month contract.

Odom, the former NBA forward who hasn’t played since finishing out last season with the Los Angeles Clippers, is substituting a roster spot that opened up due of injury. He joined Baskonia as an NBA free agent. Baskonia said the contract includes an option to expand the deal until the close of the season.

The 34 years old American professional basketball forward was a two-time NBA champion with the Lakers who has also played for the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat, was anticipated in the Basque capital of Vitoria this week, and could make his debut on Saturday alongside Valladolid.

Baskonia was in ninth position the 18 teams of Spanish league and previously in its Euro league group, with a match alongside fellow Spanish club Barcelona this week.

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How to Sharpen Your Sports Betting Skills?

If you want to enhance your chances of winning a bet, you must sort out some ways to sharpen your betting skills. Gamblers need to sharpen their betting skills in order to overtake others. There are some traits that differentiate the winners from the defeated. In sports betting, a lot depends on your luck and choice. But still you can employ some tactics to influence your luck on a positive note. You must follow certain things while trying to win sports bets.

Focused traits of sharp sports bettors
Sharp bettors follow some simple but beneficial strategies while placing their bets. They are patient and focused. A sport betting is not about making hurried decisions but instead using your conscience and thinking to decide correctly. You can bet fairly via

Analyze the game: You can bet to turn gambling circumstances favorable for you. Usually, people bet over a sport they love and know about. It is very necessary for a bettor to understand the sport tactics over which he is willing to place a bet. You must analyze the previous sports results in order to determine that which team has greater chances of winning. You must think that what situations were responsible for initiating the previous results. You can focus on the performance of the winning team and the loosing team, effort of individual players and certain consequences that may have been responsible for the outcome. If you know about the game it would be easier for you to focus on such things and thus place a bet over the team that is more favorable to your chances of winning. There are lot of sites provide you with certain advantages over sports betting.

Overlook provokers: In sports betting, there is always a tendency to suppress bettors by bettors. They may use their tricks to influence fellow bettors in changing their decision. If you focus more on their conversation you are likely to get influenced and consider altering your decision from time to time. Instead, you should trust your own skills and knowledge of the sport. After you analyze the previous game results, use your mind to make the right decision based on confidence and your knowledge about the sport. You should not alter your decision under influence of others unless the source is one of your most trusted and you can undoubtedly consider him to be on your side.

Focus on the value of the bet: Look if the bet you have placed would be actually beneficial for you. Even if you win, the amount you gain may seem trivial compared to the efforts and time you have lend in placing the bet. Betting is about gaining high through low stake. Hence, do not fully concentrate on the team that will win, instead, focus on your gains and summarize the advantages that you can obtain via the bet. If you observe your own profit to be considerable, you may proceed with the bet. Do not just place a bet on the team that is your favorite and if you are hopeful that it will win but instead, focus more on the profit that you would gain through the bet and place the bet accordingly.

Brush Up Your Skills with Advanced Batting Cage from SPI Nets

Various sports equipments are necessary to make any match successful. However, ample practice session is also important to develop skills. Batting cages come in handy for such practice sessions. SPI Nets provide innumerable advanced batting cages that aid players to engage in hardcore practice sessions.

A batting cage proves to be effective to carry out training sessions for batsmen. It cumulates an effective platform where players can train on various selective shots and develop batting skills. The foremost advantage of such cages is that they can be used either indoors or outdoors and offer a perfect enclosed area for extensive practice sessions. All variants of cages at SPI Nets are manufactured with advanced UV ray protective fibers.

Mainly the following types of dedicated cages for batting are available at Spinet:
- Nylon meshed cages
- Polyethylene fiber cages

Advantages of cages at SPI Net
Their cages act as an enclosed boundary within which a batsman can freely take various shots. The mesh of the cages is strong enough to withstand hard blows from the balls. Practicing within the cages prevent the balls from scattering over distances. A batsman can easily practice and hone his skills with the help of only one bowler, or a bowling machine.

Nylon meshed cages
Nylon meshed cages are one of the toughest variants of cages that SPI Nets offer. The edges of the net are bound with rope along the perimeter and center line across the rib. This gives additional strength to the cages. They are also equipped with lead bottom rope that minimizes incidents of balls rolling out from the nets.

Polyethylene fiber cages at SPI Nets
These cages are meant to offer high resistance from unwanted abrasion and have extensive breaking strength. They have special hardware that are corrosion resistant and runs down the midway and corners. They are even easy to install. The cages have designated slits to provide easy passage.

Advanced batting cages at SPI Nets also have baffle net properties behind the batting region that offers extra strength to the region that is susceptible to easy breakage. The baffle net layer gives additional strength to the cage and makes it durable enough to withstand hard blows from even fast-paced deliveries that any batsman might miss.

CrossFit Shoes

In order to answer that question properly, it’s important to understand the kinds of strains CrossFit puts on the body.
The CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) will have athletes taking part in a huge variety of activities – from running and indoor rowing through to gymnastic exercises, weight lifting and rope climbing. The workouts are all high intensity and a large number of them are high impact.
In the same way that someone isn’t going to wear their business suit to the gym, standard running shoes or trainers are not going to cut it for CrossFit. The shoes are there to:

Protect the athlete

Improve their performance

Look really cool (Granted, this is probably the least important but honestly? Yes, it does matter!)

CrossFit shoes provide support and stability for the various forms of weight lifting, as well as protection from the high impact activities like running, jumping and swimming.
Shoemakers Saucony report that the equivalent of 2.5 – 3 times the athlete’s body weight passes through the foot every time it strikes the floor whilst running. So it makes sense the right shoes will absorb some of this shock, and help protect from impact-related muscle strains and injuries.
Wearing a particular shoe is never going to change a couch potato into Usain Bolt; but it’s surprising what a difference it can make! Here are a few examples:

Whilst weightlifting, stability is extremely important. Shoes like the purpose-designed Reebok CrossFit OLY Lifter have got stability in mind, keeping the drop between the heel and toe minimal. The more stable the foot is on the floor, the better the weightlifting.

Shoes can take a real pounding during rope-climbs. The friction between the rope and the shoe easily, and quickly, causes damage to the shoe and discomfort to the wearer. A number of shoes specifically designed for CrossFit – and the Reebok CrossFit Nano is just one example – include reinforced and protected areas on the inside of the shoe, specifically for rope-climbing.

The running shoe industry is massive, and specialised running shoes have been around for years. However they’re exactly that – specialised for running, designed to be durable through miles of pavement pounding but unlikely to suit other CrossFit activities.
For running, it’s vital that shoes have some support, as well as flexibility in the sole and are lightweight. Ranges like the Inov-8 CrossFit shoes are starting to blend running shoe technology with CrossFit demands.

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