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CrossFit Shoes

In order to answer that question properly, it’s important to understand the kinds of strains CrossFit puts on the body.
The CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) will have athletes taking part in a huge variety of activities – from running and indoor rowing through to gymnastic exercises, weight lifting and rope climbing. The workouts are all high intensity and a large number of them are high impact.
In the same way that someone isn’t going to wear their business suit to the gym, standard running shoes or trainers are not going to cut it for CrossFit. The shoes are there to:

Protect the athlete

Improve their performance

Look really cool (Granted, this is probably the least important but honestly? Yes, it does matter!)

CrossFit shoes provide support and stability for the various forms of weight lifting, as well as protection from the high impact activities like running, jumping and swimming.
Shoemakers Saucony report that the equivalent of 2.5 – 3 times the athlete’s body weight passes through the foot every time it strikes the floor whilst running. So it makes sense the right shoes will absorb some of this shock, and help protect from impact-related muscle strains and injuries.
Wearing a particular shoe is never going to change a couch potato into Usain Bolt; but it’s surprising what a difference it can make! Here are a few examples:

Whilst weightlifting, stability is extremely important. Shoes like the purpose-designed Reebok CrossFit OLY Lifter have got stability in mind, keeping the drop between the heel and toe minimal. The more stable the foot is on the floor, the better the weightlifting.

Shoes can take a real pounding during rope-climbs. The friction between the rope and the shoe easily, and quickly, causes damage to the shoe and discomfort to the wearer. A number of shoes specifically designed for CrossFit – and the Reebok CrossFit Nano is just one example – include reinforced and protected areas on the inside of the shoe, specifically for rope-climbing.

The running shoe industry is massive, and specialised running shoes have been around for years. However they’re exactly that – specialised for running, designed to be durable through miles of pavement pounding but unlikely to suit other CrossFit activities.
For running, it’s vital that shoes have some support, as well as flexibility in the sole and are lightweight. Ranges like the Inov-8 CrossFit shoes are starting to blend running shoe technology with CrossFit demands.

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2013 Welcomes New SEC

The team of Gary Pinkel, representing SEC East in this championship game has come to the limelight. The Missouri Tigers has suddenly become a hot favorite for carrying the banner of East. With the loss of all favorites from pre-season, the new team has grabbed the attention of enthusiasts.

Various college football online odds have flared up the contest for bettors across the world, who is having a gala period. The bookies are also getting the heat of this season of the tournament. View here for more details on various betting odds.

However, all effort goes to the credit of Pinkel, who had single-handedly controlled the hot seat from the very start of this season. The stalwart guided his team through a number of initial wins to boost confidence of the players and eventually surge forward through a number of stunning victories against veteran teams like Florida, Vanderbilt and Georgia.

With such impressive progression in quick succession has also raised hope of a number of experts that the Missouri Tigers can beat South Carolina at their Saturday meet. However, this would be one of the most bizarre developments from the front of championship games.

The season also penned down some of the shocking results from the field that anyone had ever imagined. To start with, Ole Miss lost three consecutive matches including those against Texas A&M and Auburn. They even bowed down in nine matches out of eleven encounters against LSU. However, they stunned the world by taking on Tigers, who are presently world’s No.6 with a stunning late-field goal.

Vanderbilt is a home losing team to Mizzou. However, they even scored dashing 17fourth-quarter points as a back up behind quarterpack Patton Robinette and overcame the extravagant team of Georgia at the fields of Nashville. It is their first victory against the team since 1991.

Even, the team Tennessee gave up straight 59 points and suffered an embarrassing loss at the stadium of Oregon turned around and mesmerized by beating South Carolina through a splendid walk-off field goal.

Perceived heavyweights of the present conference like, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M and LSU held a position of 40-0 against remaining eight teams of the league, last week. After Missouri defeated Georgia, the lower division of the league rose up to shape a new hierarchy in SEC season. The present season is turning out to be exclusive with a number of surprise results due to emergence of young group of coaches across the genre.

iPoker Is the Leading Poker Network

The iPoker Network, of which Titan Poker is the flagship card room, is the biggest online poker network in the world. Week after week, online poker statistics show iPoker hosting huge numbers of active cash game and tournament players. With the regular additions of new online poker rooms, including name brands of some of the leading casinos and sports books in England and elsewhere where online poker is regulated, iPoker continues to grow bigger from month to month.

All iPoker card rooms, including Titan Poker, run on software developed and maintained by Playtech, the leading software gaming developer in the world. Graphics are outstanding, and the poker game experience is exciting and fast-paced. iPoker card rooms enjoy progressive jackpot sit ‘n’ go tournaments offering prizes as high as $300,000, huge guaranteed prize events, anonymous ring game tables, knockout and steps tourneys, and a wide selection of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, and Razz action. Speed Poker is quite possibly the fastest online poker game anywhere.

Over $5,000,000 in prize money is guaranteed monthly in iPoker’s tournament schedule, and even more is on the table in sit ‘n’ go tournaments kicking off at all hours of the day and night. Satellite series award winning players with seats at the biggest poker tournaments around the world, including the World Series of Poker, the Irish Open, and the Aussie Millions.

The iPoker Network stages a recurring tournament series called iPOPS, or the iPoker Online Poker Series. iPOPS regularly awards more than $1,000,000 in guaranteed prizes and events during the series appeal to both high rollers and players with small poker bankrolls.

Games are available in multiple currencies, making iPoker’s poker selection suitable to players from all over the world.

There are always new and exciting poker promotions being staged at iPoker, enhancing the innovative promotion schedule offered by leading online poker room Titan Poker.

Californians Dreaming of a Sports Betting Future

The state of California is getting ready for the legalization of sports betting after Senator Roderick Wright’s SB 190 Sports Betting Bill received unanimous backing at the Senate Governmental Organization Committee by a bum-spanking vote of 11-0.

“The idea is we want to get this statue in place so that should the federal law make a change, or should New Jersey be successful, we’d be ready to go,” Wright was quoted as saying during the hearing.

The federal law that the Chicago born senator is alluding to is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), which currently prohibits 46-states from offering legal sports betting with only Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon free to do as they choose.

Four could soon be five, as the state of New Jersey is locked in a legal battle with the NCAA, NFL and the other big boys of the sporting world in an attempt to bring legalized sports betting to the Garden State. New Jersey recently became only the third state to legalize online poker games like texas holdem behind Nevada and Delaware.

Wright confirmed that the state of California has already sent two resolutions to the federal government requesting a rethink over PASPA; and also believes that it’s only a matter of time before the government opens a window to allow states to opt-in and provide a sports betting offering for those who want it.

But before Californians start sharpening up their pencils, and pulling out their betting slips, they must remember that Wright’s SB1390 Sports Betting Bill also passed the full Senate by a vote of 32-2, this time last year, only to see the State Assembly kick sand into the bills face after not even bringing the measure to the floor for a vote.

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