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Teams put in the hardest of all fights to secure their rankings

Given the craze that people have about football, the most vital thing that people are interested in are the rankings of their favorite teams in the rank charts. Taking a look at the recent turns of events the Guangzhou Evergrande seem to be the undisputed champions in the AFC rankings and has been selected as the favorite team of this year. The main attraction of this team was Paulinho who is said to have shown great feats in the recent games that has contributed to a great extent in the winning of the team.

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Evergrande being the present Asian Champions do owe a big portion of their victory to their goalkeeper Li Shuai as well who made it a point to keep the team in the game as long as possible. This is the primary causes that led to an upheaval in the rankings of the team. According to the mentor of the team, it was a combination of endless effort and desire that brought about this great success in the team. If you take a look at the recent matches that this team has played, it is evident that this team has put in a lot to win over their oppositions. The upcoming games will be a proof of the fact if they can continue to maintain this game form in the days to come.

It is a matter of fact before we get to see the next game by this team and see if they can help up their positions in their rankings for a certain period of time now. Betting, though deep rooted in the football system fails to curb the desires of most footballers who are passionate about the game and take it more than a way to increase their economical standards.

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Barcelona must act on Neymar amid Messi rumours

by alexizor

No-one is saying it will happen, but the fact that people are suggesting it might, should be of considerable concern to Barcelona.

What are we talking about? Those Lionel Messi exit rumours, of course.

For now, such talk remains idle gossip, an interesting angle used to provide column copy and to create intrigue during a period in which movement is impossible between transfer windows.

Now is the time in which to start cranking the rumour mill back into gear, readying it for another hectic 31 days through January.

There was, of course, a time not all that long ago in which any stories regarding a possible Messi move away from Camp Nou would have been laughed out of town and barely worth the paper they are printed on.

Times are changing, though, and all of a sudden the unimaginable has become plausible.

Barcelona will not admit as much, and why would they – they are hardly going to come out and admit that they are open to offers for the best player on the planet and the most decorated in the history of their illustrious football club.

Behind closed doors, though, there are murmurings that a man once considered priceless now has a valuation, with there a chance that one of those with the deepest pockets could pull off the most remarkable of transfer coups if they are willing to stump up an eye-watering fee and outrageous salary.

The likes of Manchester City, who have been the strongest side linked with an approach – with it also being suggested that they may be prepared to reunite Messi with Pep Guardiola at the Etihad – certainly have the financial muscle to make a deal happen.

Barca, though, will continue to fend off the speculation for now as they endeavour to maintain trophy challenges on multiple fronts, including strengthening their position at the top of La Liga betting markets.

They may, however, also be readying themselves for all possible outcomes when it comes to Messi’s future, and one matter that they could, and should, be looking to address with a matter of urgency is the issue of Neymar’s contract.


The Brazilian’s father hinted recently that heavy taxation in Spain could force his son to look elsewhere, but the player himself has come out and assured teammates, supporters and the Barca board that he has every intention of committing to fresh terms.

That should be music to Catalan ears, with the 23-year-old having shown during Messi’s recent absence through injury that he has the ability to inherit the role of talisman and to become a perennial contender for the biggest prizes in the game, both collectively and as an individual.

An extension should be pushed through immediately, ending any uncertainty surrounding Neymar’s future, while showing the rest of the world that Barcelona remains THE place to be for the world’s best talent.

Seeing Messi in anything other than the Blaugrana may, even now, be pretty hard to imagine but – with the Argentine now 28 – at least by tying down the young pretender to his crown, Barca would be covering their backs should the unthinkable happen.

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French Open and Expectations

French Open is one of the oldest tournaments of tennis that is still being held every year. French open is considered to be one of the world’s biggest tennis tournaments. It has more viewer then most of the other tournament. Each year hundreds of players aim at the podiums of this tournament. They fight against each other in tough matches on signature clay courts of French open. After days of hard work and a lot of tennis champions are decided for different events. Millions of viewer’s watch these matches live all over the world with great enthusiasm.

In the last few years the clay courts used for French open have been considered the hardest courts in the world. These courts are different from all other courts of the world and produce more bounce. Only a small number of players have been able to master these clay courts and perform really well here. This could be clearly seen from the results of the last few years, a small number of players winning the title over and over again with very few faces coming up as time passes. People are just seeing these players again and again at the podium for a long time.
So this year’s French open is currently going on and these same players are yet once again dominating the championship. The four men who are being expected to make it to the top are Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. These four men have been seen fighting for the title in most of the tournaments for the last few years. People love them because there has been no one like them and no one gives them a big challenge to stop them half-way to the top positions in any tournament.

Odds of any player winning against them are mostly very small. In tennis betting people just bet on the winnings of these players. If they come head-to-head against each other situation changes rather quickly and tennis betting takes a turn. People just don’t know on whom to bet because these four top men are the best and a match between the best is unpredictable so the odds are not that great for betting. But when they play against a lower ranking player and that player outsmarts the best then winnings could be in great numbers because such results are highly against the odds.

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Porsche became the winner of Le Mans 24 hour

Nico Hulkenberg has happened to be a Le Mans 24 hour winner after the Porsche 919Hybrid that was shared by him with Earl Bamber and Nick Tandy triumphs at the popular race over a lap. This one was the first by and large victory at Le Mans by Porsche since the year 1998 and it is also the 17th of all the time, enlarging its lead over Audi as the most unbeaten manufacturer of this event. And Hulkenberg turned out to be the first active F1 driver to be the triumphant at Le Mans from the time when Bertrand Gachot and Johnny Herbert succeeded with Mazda in the year 1991.

Nissan has returned to Le Mans with its deep-seated front wheel, front-engine drive GT-R LM NISMO. Among its three cars just one saw the finish line, although 154 laps down. And sadly each of them suffered unreliability issues during the 24 hour. In maximum hours of the game Audi and Porsche were engaged in a strong combat and in few times one of the R18 e-tron led the game. No matter what type of gambling you chooser, to earn hefty money, you need this bonus code for bet365.

The No.9 Audi was about to win the second place, but turned out to be the seventh in the last 6 hours after it was required to alter its front driveshaft, putting forward Porsche No.17 to second position and Audi No.7 to the third position.

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